Kensington Temple Presents
The Luther 500 Conference

Celebrating 500 years of the Reformation. 

Kensington Temple, London, UK
 Tuesday 3rd– Thursday 5th October 2017

The Conference is now over – you can watch the sessions here:

500 years ago Martin Luther protested against grave religious error by nailing his 95 theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg Germany. This moment marked the beginning of a ‘back to the Bible’ movement that changed the course of history for ever. The movement would be known as The Reformation.


Guests include: Dr RT Kendall, Greg Downes (St Michael le Belfrey), Malcolm Duncan, Leonard de Chirico (Italy), Rt Revd Graham Tomlin (Bishop of Kensington).


Conference seminars include:

  • The Foundation – Luther and justification by faith alone (Dr RT Kendall)
  • Birth pangs of a new church – Luther’s ecclesiology (Colin Dye)
  • Tipping Points – The Reformation in Europe (Greg Downes)
  • The Legacy of the Reformation (Bruce Atkinson)
  • Calvin, Luther and the Holy Spirit (Rt Rev Graham Tomlin)
  • Faith and Works – How Luther misunderstood James (Dr RT Kendall)
  • The Protest – Is the Reformation protest still relevant today? (Leonardo De Chirico)
  • Reformed and Always Reforming – a new reformation? (Rev Malcolm Duncan)
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