Easter Gift Weekend

£150,000 Faith Target

Stretch your faith with an Easter Gift and help us fund three important kingdom projects this Easter

A Sacrificial Easter offering for the work of the gospel at home and abroad

This Easter weekend we are asking people to seek the Lord about giving a sacrificial gift to the vision of the house. The three areas where we need funding are:

  1.  The needs of the ministry at home,
  2.  The need of preaching the gospel to the Muslim world,
  3. The desperate need for a fresh water well in Brazil. 
  1. Providing for our own house

Each year tens of thousands of people from all over the world, and every religious background step inside our church building in Notting Hill Gate. First impressions are important, they demonstrate what our values and standards of care are like. If we care about what people think about our homes and rooms how much more the house of the Lord? The KT foyer hasn’t been properly refashioned for over 35 years and it desperately needs remodelling.

 We took out a loan and began work on the foyer because we couldn’t wait any longer to act, but we would like to pay off that loan in full through our Easter Gift Weekend! 

  1. Preaching the Gospel in the Muslim world

The unreached nations of the world have always been at the heart of our mission. As part of our work in the Muslim world for the past eight years we have been broadcasting Colin Dye’s popular Sword of the Spirit training course in Arabic on KingdomSat, an Arabic satellite channel that is accessible to over 120 million homes in 66 countries, including whole of the Middle East and North Africa. The series focused on equipping the Arabic believers to walk and minister in the Holy Spirit consists of 288 half-hour episodes. The Sword of the Spirit series by Colin Dye is aired by the Kingdom Sat 4 times a day, 5 days a week!

This year the programmes have been expanded as a whole new series based on Colin’s Sunday messages in KT have been released meaning that the same ministry and encouragement that we receive on a Sunday is now spread across the Islamic world. The programmes are in English with Arabic subtitles.

Satellite TV is very popular in the Middle East and, along with the internet, perhaps the only way to bring the gospel to the Muslim nations where preaching the gospel is against the law and conversion can lead to persecution and martyrdom.

We would like to pay for one year’s airing of Colin programs through our Easter Gift weekend
  1. Fresh water desperately needed in Brazil

In November 2016 our Senior Minister Colin Dye led a small team from Kensington Temple together with a local pastor to the north of Brazil to support the work of Novo Tempo. There are six Novo Tempo churches on the littoral. One of them is right at the entrance of a favela – a very poor area of the city.

Over the last two years a seventh church was planted and a first well was built – not in the city of Recife but in the middle of the Sertão region, 5 hours’ drive inland.

When the team visited the remote church in Sertão, they were struck by their way of living which is so far from our usual comfort. People there have lives based on agriculture, far from all the amenities we are so used to in towns. The persistent drought in the region makes the need for water more vital than ever. The local community had tried to dig a well themselves, they got down to 25 meters using rudimentary tools but to no avail. The Novo Tempo Church paid for the necessary equipment and a 50 meters deep well was dug and is now an essential part of the local families’ everyday life. This one well, while so helpful, is not enough to sustain the community and the cost of anther well is far beyond their reach. If we could dig them another well not only would it provide life giving water we believe it would pave the way for the gospel to be readily received providing  the living water of eternal life!

 We want to dig a new well to provide life-giving water in Brazil through our Easter Gift Weekend !

How can I give my special Easter Gift?

Throughout the Easter weekend we will be using special purple Easter offering envelopes for our regular and special giving, you can also give online – click below: