Marriage is a gift from God and your wedding day should be a day of celebration with friends and family as you enter into a convenant with each other before God.

At Kensington Temple we are licenced to register marriages to all our members. All members marrying in Kensington Temple are required to undergo pre-marriage counselling with a member of the pastoral team. Charges vary depending on requirements and the use of the sanctuary is free to cell members of the church.

We also offer pre-marriage counselling to any of our members who will be marrying outside of Kensington Temple. To arrange this please complete the wedding application form and mark it for counselling only.

To Book a Wedding

  1. Complete a wedding application form (no wedding booking is made without this form).
  2. You will then be contacted to arrange dates for pre-marriage counselling and agree a date for the wedding. Please note that Kensington Temple building is extensively used on a Saturday and so we are unable to guarantee first choice of dates. You should wait until you have received written confirmation of your date and time before booking a reception venue.

For More Information on Weddings

If you have more questions about scheduling a wedding at Kensington Temple, call 020 8799 6100 or email or contact us online.