Arabic TV Programmes

The unreached nations have always been at the heart of our mission. As part of our work in the Muslim world we are broadcasting Colin Dye’s popular Sword of the Spirit training course in Arabic on Kingdom Sat, an Arabic satellite channel that is accessible to over 120 million homes in 66 countries, including whole of the Middle East and North Africa. The series focused on equipping the Arabic believers to walk and minister in the Holy Spirit consists of 288 half-hour episodes. The Sword of the Spirit series by Colin Dye is aired by the Kingdom Sat 4 times a day, 5 days a week! The programmes are in English with Arabic subtitles.

Satellite TV is very popular in the Middle East and, along with the internet, perhaps the only way to bring the gospel to the Muslim nations where preaching the gospel is against the law and conversion can lead to persecution and martyrdom.

Kingdom Sat or El Malakoot is the first ever allowed to broadcast on an Arab Satellite Platform, known as Nilesat. It proclaims the power of God’s Kingdom, uplifts Christian believers, and reaches the lost through biblically-based teaching programs. The channel partners with Campus Crusade for Christ to help in on-the-ground follow-up with viewers. For more info on how to support this work please For more information on El Malakoot please go to