Fundraising: Building a well in Sertao, Brazil

You need a Paypal account to pay online to the Brazilian church that is responsible for building the well: IGREJA APOSTÓLICA INTERNACIONAL NOVO TEMPO

If you don’t have a Paypal account you can use an offering envelope in Kensington Temple, write “Fundraising for a well in Brazil” on it and hand it to reception.
Thank you!

Please donate:
Target Goal: £5000


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In November 2016 a small team from Kensington Temple went to the North of Brazil to support the work of the church Novo Tempo. There are 6 Novo Tempo churches on the coast. Over the last 2 years another church has been built along with a new well, dug at the heart of the Sertão region which is 5 hours’ drive inland (see pin on the map). Locals had tried to dig a well themselves, they dug 25 meters using rudimentary tools to no avail. The church paid for the necessary equipment and a 50 meters deep well was formed and is now part of the local families’ everyday life. A Brazilian TV channel presented the work in a programme that you can watch here.

A few miles from the first well, the church found a community where another well is crucially needed. This is why we need your help. People in the region of Sertão live out of agriculture, far from all the amenities we are so used to in cities. The persistent drought in the region makes the need of water more vital than ever. A political party had also proposed to build a well in exchange for the votes of the locals. The church provided water without asking for anything in return, as Jesus did for us. We pray that this region will receive the living water of the Word of God so that God shall be glorified in Sertão and the whole of Brazil.

This fundraising campaign aims to bring people into this adventure. The cost of building a well is £5,000.
We will achieve this goal together.

Map of Sertão region - Click to enlarge