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Kensington Temple Performing Arts SchoolKTPAS

The Nativity Production by KTPAS

“The Nativity” Production by KTPAS

From the producers of Shake in The Habit, Soldier, Wonderland and This Was Your Life, Kensington Temple’s Creative Ministry bring you The Nativity, a 21st century interpretation of the classic Bible story presented in a light, entertaining, urban and comical form.
The KTPAS students will guide you on Mary and Joseph’s unique musical journey to Bethlehem. This multi-media production features song and dance numbers to song like, Overwhelmed (Hillsong), Signed, Sealed, Delivered (Stevie Wonder), and It Wasn’t Me (Shaggy).

Past Productions & Events

  • This was your Life - KTPAS 2011 Easter Production
  • The Harlot
  • Summer Dance Week
  • Shake in the Habit
  • Soldier

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Welcome to Kensington Temples Performing Arts School

KTPAS Kensington Temple Performing Arts School

Our Mission: To Put the 'Original' Creator back into Creative; Christ the artist!

Our aim is for the individual to experience wholeness and develop a secure understanding that their talent and success associated with that; does not define them! To train talented individuals in the performing arts; guiding them towards excellence in both their craft and lifestyle.

The Performing, creative and expressive arts; is something that has always flourished within Kensington Temple. It is a prominent arm and strength within the ministry. Our school encompasses all of our history and heritage to produce our fantastic product; that sets out to equip the church in their gifting and talents so that each individual can truly step into their full potential. Kensington Temple hosts a number of tremendously successful individuals within the arts and many of them are working with us and supporting the programs that we run. They teach, help to plan and input, they are also available for students to speak to and get advice from. We started out with our Saturday school which has been a great success. We also have our Summer school which takes place in August every year and is a full time intense 2 week course in the performing arts. Then we have our full time 1 year course which is a Certificate in performing arts.

Filling a need

Some schools are really good at focusing on the craft of performing arts, and go to great lengths financially, scientifically and psychologically to ensure their students attain a greater chance of success in what we all know if a very populated industry. We here in KT, like most successful school across the country and even the world, do believe in excellence within teaching, but we don't stop there, we understand that there is a key aspect of our humanity that needs to connect with the essence of our creativity. This is the key to achieving real and true success as artists, part of our curriculum studies the features of great artistry.

Christ the Artist

When learning about great artistry we find the ultimate example in the character of Jesus. He was a charismatic man of great vision and his ability to show these qualities made him highly influential. Jesus didn't just put on an act to entertain or for public approval, he understood his mission and goal in life and he didn't compromise. He communicated his passion through creative stories and with full conviction acted out his role in the midst of his followers. Jesus was a man of integrity and innovation, who understood all aspects of theatre and presented his message in a consummate manner.

KTPAS Students performing

KTPAS students regularly perform at KT services

Restoring the face behind the mask

Entertaining people and receiving their admiration is a wonderful thing. A trained performer knows how to trigger a range of emotions from their audiences and pleasing people. Though this is a good thing, in an unprepared soul it can lead to harmful habits, like depending your own significance or on other people's approval or acceptance. These challenges are felt by most people and some struggle under the intense pressures of this industry to find a secure and significant sense of confidence from which they can build their lives.

We all have a voice and have a valuable contribution to make, but often a lack of confidence can dampen the light that we are all capable of shinning. Here in KTPAS we know that nurturing this aspect of the artist persona is key to their success both in craft and in life.

Moving in excellence

We know that excellent teaching imparts greatness onto the student - it captures the imagination and allows the student to experience the qualities of the performing arts. That is why the training that we offer is by talented artists, many of whom we are privileged to fellowship with here in KT. The students of KTPAS witness the expertise, wisdom, and knowledge which is so inspiring to them in their development.

Colin Dye, our Senior Minister, has a very creative background which is a real blessing. He understands creativity at a high level and has built up a church that inspires, nurtures and releases creative people into their fullness. Generation after generation can point back to their time in KT and say, "that is where it all began" or, "whilst in KT my creativity rocketed to a new level". Amongst the long list of features that attract the thousands to KT are dynamic services and the creative program. One evening you can be in a communion service and the next evening there is a cutting edge hip hop musical, and it all fits together under a world class understanding of the scriptures and theology.

Upholding the cell vision of KT

Everything we do is an extension of the vision of KT. Cells are a fantastic tool for building people and growing them in the faith. I've definitely seen the fruit of the cell vision in my life and it's been amazing to be able to channel my creativity into my cell group life. A lot of people in my cell group are either training or working in the arts It is awesome to see them getting spiritual input from the Word of God, going on Living Free, Encounters and Mastering Leadership which transforms them into amazing women of God. I believe that being in a cell and having that support group and commitment is definitely the way Jesus wanted us to experience life to the full! Whenever we put on productions we always reap the benefits of the cell vision, we see it in the team dynamics, commitment and higher level of performance from the cast.

Daily Verse

For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.
Isaiah 44:3


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