Revival Times - August 2016


Evil attacks the weakest, denies truth and love, is defeated through Jesus Christ. Pray for France, for victims, for their communities.

Tweeted by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, 26th July 2016 Following yet another Islamist attack in Normandy, France in which an elderly priest was murdered by a DAESH, or Islamic State, sympathiser, the Archbishop showed remarkable clarity and godly leadership by tweeting this message.

We are fortunate to have a spiritual leader in Britain who spoke for all Christians with such authority and truth. I recall the surprisingly warm and informed video message the Archbishop sent to Elim during our Centenary celebrations last year. It is said that evil prospers when good people do (or say) nothing. But the Archbishop’s exemplary words were timely, personal and carried the authority of the Christian gospel itself. It exposed the evil nature of the Jihadist agenda as well the grace and compassion found in Christ and in Christ alone.

The tweet was read out on the BBC news and gave the nation another chance to consider Christ as the answer to one of the most troubling problems of our age. Yes evil does attack the weak. Nothing could be more weak and vulnerable than an 85 year old priest being killed while at mass in a quiet parish in idyllic Northern France. This reminds us of the very weakness and vulnerability of Christ who himself was led like a lamb to the slaughter as the sacrifice for our sins. And yet, in that sacrifice, Christ exhibited the love of the Father for a lost humanity. It also led to the defeat of the very evil that had seemed to conquer him.

We know that Christ not only died as the epitome of apparent weakness and victimhood, but he also rose again as the consummate conqueror over all sin and evil. This gives us the courage, not to repay evil for evil, nor to fight as if our kingdom was of this world. Instead, armed with truth and compassion, we exhibit God’s power in our weakness and, exercising godly leadership, stand up for truth in our nation.

Many Christians consider their day-to-day employment and their Christian discipleship to be independent of each other, but in the kingdom of God, there is no separation between the ‘sacred’ and ‘secular’ in our lives. That is why, when asked to name ‘great’ Christians we often come up with preachers such as Billy Graham. And certainly, these Christian leaders have had an exemplary ministry. But at the same time, many followers of Christ have been called to and are transforming the world through their faithful service in the marketplace.

Many people who know the Queen say that she is a devout Christian, and her faith has been clearly expressed in her actions. Similarly, it is well-known that the Hollywood actor Denzel Washington is a Christian, but did you know that when he was a young man, it was prophesied by a woman in a barbershop that he would preach to millions around the world? And he has done exactly that, not from a church pulpit, but from a sound-stage in Hollywood.

Every calling a holy calling

In 1647, George Fox established the Society of Friends, or the Quakers, and they have been used mightily in the marketplace – their members founded Amnesty International, Barclays Bank, Bryant and May matchmakers, Cadbury and the Rowntree’s confectionary companies, Huntley & Palmer biscuit makers, Sony and many other companies, charities and organisations.

The Quakers started so many confectionary companies because they were combating the overconsumption of alcohol with hot chocolate. These early Quakers knew they had been called to transform the world, and in the process of following their call they have revolutionised many industries. They Quakers were dissatisfied with the hierarchy of the Church of England, and they rightly saw every believer as a priest and every calling as a holy calling.

Past social reformers

When Christians see every calling as a holy calling, it often leads to societal transformation. Most Christians in Britain know the story of William Wilberforce, whom God used to help abolish slavery, but there are many other Christian social reformers that we have nearly forgotten.

At the south-eastern side of Piccadilly Circus stands the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain, erected in the nineteenth century to commemorate the philanthropic works of Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury (1801-1855), a Victorian politician, philanthropist, social reformer and an evangelical Anglican.

The subject of the fountain is the Greek god Anteros, and it was given the name the Angel of Christian Charity, although it is generally mistaken for his brother Eros. So often our society forgets the Christian roots of its blessings!

The Earl of Shaftesbury was involved in the Factory Act of 1847 that reduced working day for children and women to ten hours. This might sound excessive today, but it was a major improvement of working conditions at the time. And Christians have worked in so many ways to reform our society that it begs the question if the ministry of apostles is just for the church, or also for wider society.

Window of opportunity after Brexit

One of the effects of leaving the European Union is that Britain is now re-visioning and remaking itself as a nation. This has opened a window of opportunity for Christians to shape the character and future of Britain for generations to come. Yet, fearing criticism, some Christians are frightened of putting their head above the parapet. They think that other Christians will ask: How can you be a Christian politician and belong to that party? Or how can you be a Christian politician and not belong to this party?

Queen Esther was raised to a high position in the ancient Persia at a time when the Jews faced a crisis of potential extinction. Her uncle, Mordecai, had to remind her that she had been raised for such a time as that, and that she had a responsibility for the nation.

You are called to the kingdom for such a time as this! What we do in church is important, but don’t forget that the meeting place is the learning place for the marketplace. It is not enough to represent Christ only to one another in church. We must also represent Jesus to the whole world. That is why I always encourage you to get involved in your profession in the fullest possible way.

Formed in the church

Whatever the gift God has given to you, the first place you exercise it is the church. That is where we learn to be followers of Jesus. The problem of the church in the world is that when we are not well-formed as disciples our testimony is weak. We can forget the godly principles of discipleship the moment we exit the KT building!

You can’t serve God effectively in the world, unless you learn to serve him with excellence in the church first. This is because all God’s gifts operate through relationship. If you can’t live for Christ in the church where Jesus is openly confessed, how will you stand for him where people don’t know him or openly disregard any godly principles?

Becoming a disciple happens in our church mainly through the cell groups where you can have a genuine and accountable relationship with other Christians - growing in using your gifting and serving your brothers and sisters will build your character. Christianity is for the whole of life, not just for church services. You are a follower of Jesus 24/7, representing him outside the church building. That is why it is good to start cell groups in our workplaces, so that our colleagues at work can encounter an authentic Christian community, where they can learn that Jesus is relevant for the whole of our lives.

Build something everlasting

What you do on earth matters. How you conduct your relationships matters. How you live your life at work matters. Your career matters. What you build with your life matters. They are all God’s way of bringing his kingdom on earth and building something everlasting.

If you live selfishly – thinking only of yourself – even if you become prominent and famous in doing that, you won’t ever find satisfaction, not until you begin to look for and find out who you are in Christ.

Is knowing God better each day the main purpose of your life? Do you desire to make him known in the world? If you follow his plan, you will find soon find yourself caught up into his story. You will find yourself building something that is eternal, simply because his is the kingdom that cannot be destroyed.

The apostle Peter wrote, “As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God. If anyone ministers, let him do it as with the ability which God supplies, that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.” (1 Peter 4:10-11)

Today, make a decision that whatever your gift is, you will give it to God first, so that in all things God may be glorified!

Sunday 28th and Monday 29th August 2016

It's that time of year again for Notting Hill Carnival where we as a church have the privilege of hosting hundreds of thousands of people walking past our church building on Kensington Park Road.

It's amazing to think how every year God gives us a great opportunity to be his witnesses during this carnival season. The people who come into the Carnival by the Notting Hill tube station will most likely be walking past KT down through Kensington Park Road into the centre of the action. It’s at this time that 100’s of KT disciples will be out on the streets handing invitations to our concerts and sharing their faith with the people.

KT Caribbean food @ the bus stop We will also be selling our very own Caribbean food including Jerk Chicken, Rice & Peas, Plantain, and Curry Goat to raise the funds for the event. If you're a chef or trained in catering why not come and give us a hand in our kitchen team. We need many helpers each year!

Two Sunday Carnival Concerts @ 2.30pm & 6.30pm The Sunday Outreach Concert is always every popular as our Gospel Artists entertain and share the gospel message through music and testimony. We need many consolidators to be ready and prepared as we always see a good response when we call people to give their lives to Christ.

Sunday & Monday car park outreach On Sunday & Monday of carnival we will be placing a stage in the KT car park where we will be having DJ's and special guests who will use music, words and other talents to attract the crowds and present the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

• On Sunday we have the KT Kids Choir, Nu Gen Dance Team, Tough Talk Weightlifting Competition, DJ’s and Salsa in the KT Car Park straight after the 11am service.

• On the Monday we have Gospel Artists, Tough Talk Weightlifting Competition, DJ’s, KT Worship Team and other special guests.

'Share your faith' teams During the two days we will have KT teams and cell groups going out on the streets to share their faith with the people at the carnival and to invite them to the evening Sunday concerts. Sunday the teams will be meeting at 1pm in the KT Lower Hall and on the Monday the teams will be meeting at 11am for prayer.

Volunteers prayer meeting for Carnival Join us for the Volunteers Prayer meeting on Wednesday 17th August where we will be praying into all aspects of the Notting Hill Carnival and commissioning our workers.

How can you get involved

Every year we have over 200 people involved in the carnival as many hands make light work. We do need help in all the following areas. If you would like to do more than one area, please check with us if that is possible. You can collect a volunteer's form at the KT reception or during one our services in the build up to the event.

• Consolidation • Serving Food & Cleaning • Security & Stewarding • Share Your Faith Teams • Stage & Set up team

To find out how you can be involved call Kristian Lythe in the KT Evangelism Office on 020 8799 6179 or email

Bruce Atkinson calls all men to join a weekend of training in prayer action to transform your life and circumstances. Take your place as a Prayer Warrior in the Kingdom of God!
I desire therefore that the men in every place pray, lifting up holy hands without anger and doubting.
1 Timothy 2:8

In 1857 a church janitor advertised a prayer meeting to be held in a small church in Manhattan. Six people showed up the first week. But soon the group had expanded to thousands of men who met daily in almost every public building in downtown New York City. The resulting revival lasted until near the end of the century.

Similar stories could be told of William Carey who became the father of modern missions, parliamentarian William Wilberforce who brought about the end of slavery in the British empire, and Danish attorney Valdemar Hvidt who all but eliminated unemployment in Denmark in the 1930s during the Great Depression.

The impact each of these men was based upon the foundation of prayer-individually and with others. What might God do today about hunger, homelessness, decaying family life, and the inner emptiness that pervades our society?

What if a group of men determined to pray and seek God’s help and guidance to tackle these problems and the lost condition of our world? Extract taken from What happens when men pray? by Bill Peel (NavPress)

So often the ladies shame the men in their fervency of prayer and intercession, but imagine if the men of Kensington Temple obeyed the command of Paul in the verse above (1 Timothy 2:8). Paul had to give a specific word to the men regarding prayer because they weren’t properly activated in it. Paul promised that as they lifted up their hands in prayer – anger, frustration, disappointments and doubts would all be dealt with through the power of God!

Men, your frustrations and discouragements are intended to be fuel for intercession! Join us for a life-changing encounter and take your place as a man in God’s End Time Prayer Army!

This month Daniel Perez meets Evelyn and Stephen who have first-hand experience of finding out what happens when you put God first in your life.

T he challenges of today are found in competitive and time demanding culture, but through the support and strength from cell communities we see our faithful God honour and bless lives and families’ as result of putting his Kingdom first. Evelyn and Stephen know all about this!

Evelyn I attended the a seminar run by the KT Business Forum where both Ron Salamat and Baba Awopetu advised me on how to improve my CV and interview skills. Following what I learned, I updated my CV and LinkedIn profile. I kept in touch with Baba who also gave me some more advice, especially since he comes from a marketing background.

I was working for a publishing company managing the marketing for their private equity events, a role I held for five years. I had been looking for a job for about 7-8 months, but I had been quite particular with what I wanted to do since I still enjoyed my role, however I no longer felt challenged and ready to take that next big career step.

I was contacted by Ernst & Young after they saw my newly-updated LinkedIn profile informing me they had an exciting new role for a Marketing Manager to work on an emerging part of the business covering Europe, Middle East and Africa. I was excited by the opportunity and privileged to be considered for the role.

On preparing for the interviews I became really nervous - especially after going to the office and realising I might end up working at this big corporation! I kept wondering what I could do for them and thinking that surely I am not good enough to work for what was in my mind one of the ’big four’. Fear and doubt kicked in but one Sunday I was in KT when Colin Dye taught on facing your fears; he read the story about David and how he beat the Goliath. This story really related to me and the fear that I was experiencing.

EY was my Goliath. This big new company, fear of the unknown, doubting of myself, being comfortable where I was and thinking maybe I wasn’t not ready for change. These thoughts were battering me and all the while I was forgetting that EY came asking for me.

I soon realised that God was with me and that he had been preparing me. He positioned me in the right place and surrounded me with the right people. The support and prayers from my cell - most especially my Cell leader Maame – kept me strong.

NewsWatch informs you about current events so that you can pray effectively.
Your prayer today has the power to impact the headlines of tomorrow.

Hundreds of asylum seekers become Christians in Austria and the UK

The Guardian has been the latest paper in suggesting that many refugees coming from an Islamic background are becoming Christians in Europe. Stern magazine already informed about a mass baptism in Germany, whereas a study by Uusi Tie published at Evangelical Focus confirmed that at least 235 asylum seekers became Christians in Finland in the last few months. The article of the Guardian mentions the case of Trinity Church in the Berlin suburb of Steglitz, where “the congregation has grown from 150 two years ago to almost 700, swollen by Muslim converts, according to Pastor Gottfried Martens”. Meanwhile, in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral (UK) “a weekly Persian service attracts between 100 and 140 people. Nearly all are migrants from Iran, Afghanistan and elsewhere in central Asia.” Source:

Amnesty: Islamic State is making Christians sex slaves in Libya

Islamic State has been abducting Christians in Libya and forcing them into sexual slavery, according to a new report by Amnesty International. In a report titled “Libya is full of cruelty”, the rights group collected the testimonies of 90 migrants, including 15 women, interviewed in reception centres in Italy and Sicily after escaping Libya in recent months. It cited a 21-year-old Eritrean woman identified as Amal who said she was among a group of 11 Christian women from Eritrea who were abducted by IS militants in July 2015. They were kept in underground detention for nine months, forced to convert to Islam and used as sex slaves. Libya is home to some 250,000 refugees and migrants. Source:

60-year-old wins appeal to use her daughter’s eggs

A 60-year-old mother has won an appeal to use her dead daughter’s frozen eggs to become a grandmother, after an original High Court ruling prohibiting this on the grounds that no written consent had been given. The daughter, who died in 2011, had her eggs frozen after being diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 23, and the mother claimed she was asked to carry her babies. Earlier this year the mother was granted permission to challenge the decision at the Court of Appeal in London, before a panel of three judges. Source:

Catholic care home in Belgium fined for refusing euthanasia

Judges in Belgium have fined a Catholic nursing home for refusing to allow the euthanasia of a lung cancer sufferer on its premises. The St Augustine rest home in Diest was ordered to pay a total of €6,000 after it stopped doctors from giving a lethal injection to Mariette Buntjens. Days later, the 74-year-old woman was instead taken by ambulance to her private address to die “in peaceful surroundings”.

Buntjens’ family later sued the nursing home for causing their mother “unnecessary mental and physical suffering”. A civil court in Louvain upheld the complaint and fined the home €3,000 and ordered it to pay compensation of €1,000 to each of Mrs Buntjens’s three adult children. During the hearing, the three judges decided unanimously that “the nursing home had no right to refuse euthanasia on the basis of conscientious objection”. The judgement could spell the closures of scores of Catholic-run nursing and care homes across Belgium because the Church has stated explicitly that it will not permit euthanasia “under any circumstance”. Source:

Plastic waste dumped in UK seas ‘carried to Arctic within two years’

Plastic dumped into the seas around the UK is carried to the Arctic within two years, scientists have revealed, where it does “extreme harm” to the fragile polar environment.

Marine plastic pollution is a huge problem, with 5tn pieces of plastic now floating in the world’s oceans. But the fate of plastic pollution from the UK was little understood until Erik van Sebille, an oceanographer at Imperial College London, analysed the issue. “What we found, quite shockingly and unexpectedly, is that most UK plastic ends up in the Arctic. It does extreme harm there we think,” he told the Guardian. Source:

Methodist Conference votes to re-examine definition of marriage

The Methodist Conference has voted in favour of the Church reassessing its position on same-sex marriage. At the annual meeting of its Conference at Westminster Central Hall in London, the Methodist Church’s Marriage and Relationships Task Group presented the findings of a twoyear consultation on the issue.

Chair Revd Graham Carter said there was “a clear mandate” to “revisit” the Church’s definition of marriage through “a theological re-examination.” In his report, Revd Graham Carter stressed ‘revisiting’ the Methodist Church’s definition of same-sex marriage would “potentially create an opportunity to reconcile the Church with those it has already lost” and did not necessarily equate to changing its stance. Source:

Tackling the giants: Influencing your world – Media & Arts

We all see Matt Sunday by Sunday bringing his God-given gift to lead us into the Lord’s presence through praise & worship. Let’s hear a little more from him and his journey.

At the age of 15 I was brought to London by a record company to be a part of a 5-piece boy band. One of my memories of the auditions for this group was getting caught praying by one of the record execs as they announced who was to go through to the final round. I think God heard my prayers as I made it into the group.

The band was developed for almost 2 years but eventually subsided for other projects leaving me, a young 17-year-old kid, at a bit of a loose end in the big city of London. I auditioned for a few more bands but never really got the big break I was looking for. I was

god’s gifts glowing on every stage tackling the giants: Influencing your world – Media & Arts

Revival Times August 2016 27 becoming quite disillusioned by the whole thing and didn’t sing for a few years.

It wasn’t until I had decided to give my life fully to Christ that I started to see some genuine success in my career as a singer. In 2013 I took part in a musical called Love Beyond which was first performed at the Brighton Centre and then went on to Wembley arena. The experience was fantastic and something I’m even more amazed by today.

Love Beyond was the idea of an amateur musician who had a dream to stage a musical of the Bible. The story is a based on the love God has for his creation and how it’s all played out in the scriptures. To see this idea go from a dream to a huge reality was quite something.

I believe that my involvement with Love Beyond came from the Holy Spirit. He was telling me to check out a popular stage website - this was something I had done in the past when looking for auditions for boy bands. Once I had clicked on the website I saw an advert for a Christian musical that was auditioning. One of the things that drew me to the advert was the fact that they said that applicant should be made aware that there will be times of worship during rehearsals, as soon as I saw this I thought this might just be for me. I went to the audition and got the part. The cast contained people who had performed lead roles in the west end for musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and Miss Saigon. To be involved in a project with such seasoned performers was a true honour and one I will cherish always, I actually have the cast photo hanging on my wall at home.

My love for music has always been clear but that has now been superseded by my love for God. My joy now is to serve the Lord and his kingdom through my gifting - something that started when I joined the worship team as a volunteer back in 2011. From there, myself and a few members of the worship team started an Open Mic session at a bar I used to work in on Portobello Road called Revival Open Mic. Month after month we would minister and we saw souls saved and join the church here a KT. It was a great feeling to see the worship team mobilize themselves and reach out to the community through song, it really did have a lasting effect on the bar regulars.

My future aim is to continue in this vein, preach the good news of the gospel with boldness and power. I think it’s a must in these last days and I see it as a joy and honour to be involved in it.

Esther Anato-Dumelo explains why the special quarterly all night prayer meeting is a great opportunity for all single people

The all-night singles prayer breakthrough meeting is like no other prayer meeting of its kind. It is hosted by Pastors Tayo and Toyin Awoyera and Pastors Praise and Funke Olatona and supported by Colin and Amanda Dye.

This August 2016 marks the first anniversary of the prayer meeting which takes place at quarterly intervals throughout the year. Each prayer meeting so far has been very different from the others. The purpose of the prayer meeting is for the KTLCC family to join together under a corporate anointing and partner with the Holy Spirit in fulfilling God’s plan for marriage in the church.

Call 020 8533 8301 or Email for directions and details

Marriage is the first institution that God created as a foundation for society. Each prayer meeting will include inspiring biblical teaching on various areas of singleness and marriage where the individual is encouraged to take personal responsibility for marital success with a purpose driven-life. There is also Spirit led worship and prophetic prayer. A time of fellowship is an integral part of the programme which takes place before, during and after the prayer meeting.

The prayer meeting on Friday 5th August 2016 will be the fourth prayer meeting since it begun. There have been many testimonies from the prayer meetings, including testimonies of emotional healing and a change of attitude towards the idea of marriage. Below is one such testimony.

Kunle I fellowship at House of Faith church led by Pastor Lanre Akanro. I am a 41 year old single man and I have been trusting God for a godly relationship since my late 30s.

In August 2015 last year Pastor Lanre encouraged me to attend the all night singles prayer breakthrough meeting. It was an amazing night of prayer, worship, teaching, godly counsel and fellowship. After the first prayer meeting, I had a witness within me that I had received the breakthrough necessary for godly marriage. In addition, the night gave me the opportunity to meet my fellow sisters in Christ and make new friends, which I think is great.

I have been going to the prayer meetings since then. I have a great expectation that the Lord will connect me with the wife that He has for me. I particularly enjoy the various prophetic prayers that focuses on all areas of singleness including on issues that can potentially hinder successful relationships /marriages. Pastor Tayo and his team of ministers have been leading us in prayers that are changing and transforming our lives: prayers of confession, denouncement, recommitment, and declaration breakthroughs.

I know I am closer to my breakthrough than I was 5 years ago. I am still trusting God with a full assurance that he cannot fail. To this respect I am convinced that these prayer meetings will produced incredible results in our lives if we follow God leading and instructions.

I tell my friends that the singles all night prayer breakthrough meeting is worth attending because it will help you to:

• Overcome your doubt and fear regarding relationships and will enable you to build a strong confidence in God’s promises regarding marriage • Allow the Lord to choose your spouse for you, rather than you choosing for yourself based on your own terms and conditions • Realise that marriage is about God first and foremost and not about you.

I look forward to the next prayer meeting in August, it promises to be an awesome night of breakthrough.

Join us and expect God to do great things in your life concerning marriage!

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Mark 6:7

Discipleship has been a significant area in my walk with Christ. It was a major aspect of Jesus’ ministry. For me, it highlights love, which lies at the heart of discipleship, and the need for the Holy Spirit to teach and guide in truth. The objective is to further the Kingdom of God, where we live an authentic Christ-like life and to help others in that.

The Great Commission is our call to discipleship. Jesus instructed “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20. This might seem like a big ask. How are we meant to win souls and lead people in truth, in light and all the things Christ did for the people in the way He did it? He has given a comforting word that He will be with us until the end of the age.

I think of John 4:24, which says “God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth”. It goes without saying; you cannot live an authentic Christian life if you are not grounded in Christ through partnership with the Holy Spirit. This truth has an impact on authentic Christian discipleship. That faithfulness that Christ exercises towards us is something that He enables us to exercise via the Holy Spirit. To disciple people in truth is an opportunity to experience God and allow Him to cultivate His qualities in us. (Galatians 5:22-23).

Being in a cell group has been a key experience of discipleship. Reading the Scriptures and observing my cell leader has helped to validate the truth of Christ. 1 John 4:19 says “We love because He first loved us”, this love of God is something that is necessary for my cell leader to truly do what Christ does and lead in the way Christ led His disciples. That nature was something that He wanted to see in them. The Good Shepherd demonstrated exceptional care for His disciples during His ministry on Earth; something that you do not find in this is any ill-intention or prideful ‘follow the leader’ antics, but His goal was to cultivate and establish the righteous Kingdom of Heaven in those who followed Him.

This understanding has helped me in my own experience with discipling young people. Getting practical with discipleship can be challenging. Staying committed, exercising leadership and demonstrating pastoral care is not always easy. Asking God for the leading of His Spirit, perspective and getting into the Word enables us to carry this this out with zeal and humility. Through this, we acknowledge the value of discipleship, relating to both being discipled and discipling others - we get to see others grow in truth and we grow alongside as we further the Kingdom of God.

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