KT Nu Generation

What sort of 17 year olds do we want at KT?

KT Nu Generation (every Sunday morning 11am) will focus solely on the 14-17 teens. There will be a two year curriculum devised that will produce strong KT 17 year old disciples ready to transition into ‘Young Adult cells’. A 17 year old is considered an Young Adult at KT.

A two year curriculum has been devised to produce the new generation of Faith filled, Fire baptised, Biblically intelligent, sacrificial disciples that will carry the future destiny of KT in its hands. In the context cell groups subjects will include Discipleship cell vision, Sexuality ,Marriage and family, Apologetics, Faith, Christian work ethic, Evangelism and Mission, spiritual gifts, communication, Christian citizenship etc.

A key element of the curriculum is to prepare the teen cell groups to become Young Adult Cells after two years.

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