Attention all Cell Leaders!


London and the world for Christ
Our dream has always been to play our part in winning London and the world for Christ. That’s our mission. We consider that the Lord has mandated us as a church of influence in London with an apostolic and prophetic call for Britain, Europe and the nations of the world.

Every leader wants to know how to make their church grow. But growth is more than strategy. We need a fully developed vision for discipleship, nurture and mission and a new pattern for church life in the 21st Century. For us in the Kensington Temple London City Church network everything we value is championed in the cell vision we now have. For years we have placed a high value on intercession, spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, church growth, evangelism, missions, training and mobilisation. All these aspects are being effectively expressed in the cell vision we have adopted and developed over the past 15 years. The dynamic life of the church now takes place through the cells.

The vision of Kensington Temple LCC  has always been for mobilisation. Our ministry is all about winning, equipping and releasing the body of Christ into ministry. All believers are called to the service of Jesus – not just full time ministers! Our size is secondary to this goal of effective mobilisation, but there can be no doubt that we are set for explosive growth as we move forward in this vision. The key to the success of this vision is not just the strategy of our cell vision but the values that uphold it. We cannot think that we will be successful simply by adopting a strategy. We must rise to the challenge spiritually, take on new levels of the anointing and, above all, embrace all the values that lie behind it applying them and developing them as the Holy Spirit leads us.