“Tackling The Giants Influencing Your World”

It is time to face the giants in the land – the giants of anti-Christian influence. These are like strongholds which hold captive the minds of men and women by imposing godless philosophy and using bully tactics.

Into this arena Jesus Christ calls us to go with the spiritual weapons of truth, integrity and love. The way to fight a giant is not to match like for like. Might is not right and fleshly power will never prevail. The moral high ground is being held by a minority and God has a habit of working through the ‘little people’.

By being active and vocal for Christ we will, like David, confront the Goliaths of the day. These are the spiritual forces and strongholds of the mind that work through the institutions and structures of our society. These powers influence the way we do businessexercise governmentconduct our sporting life and the way we entertain one another. The giants of mediaeducationthought and philosophy must fall if we are to see the culture of our nation reflecting once again the goodness and glory of God.

Through the cells we can bring Christian witness and involvement into every area of society. Our active and on-going proclamation of Christ can bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ and help make our society truly tolerant.

For more information or to get involved contact Parsa: 020 8799 6150 or email: giants@kt.org