Eldin Corsie

Eldin Corsie, Senior Pastor KT 1965 – 1980
In 1999 Eldin Corsie celebrated fifty years in full-time ministry. It was in 1965 that Eldin led a group of 60 pioneer people back to the Kensington Temple building. Eldin came with a heart to see God do again the great things that happened in KT’s past – healing, deliverance, explosive growth and effective prayer. In those next fifteen years the key foundations of the church were laid – prayer, fellowship groups, evangelism and an international focus. During these rich years the church grew to 600 people and was prepared for it’s next explosive phase.

Wynne Lewis

Wynne Lewis, Senior Pastor 1980-1991
In 1980 Wynne Lewis hit Kensington Temple like a whirlwind. Wynne came as a man of vision, passion and zeal and within a few short years led KT to incredible growth. During a ministry that lasted ten years the church grew to over 5000 people and saw many new areas of London reached through the planting of many new churches.

Colin Dye

Colin Dye, Senior Pastor 1991 – onwards
During the ministry of both Eldin Corsie and Wynne Lewis a man was coming to the fore in God’s purposes for Kensington Temple – Colin Dye. Colin was saved in 1971 and was baptised under Eldin’s ministry. Immediately, he started to serve the Lord through KT. Colin began by picking up hymnbooks, helping drug addicts and gradually grew into more senior leadership positions. When Wynne Lewis left in 1991 Colin had already been effectively prepared to be the next Senior Pastor of Kensington Temple.
Under Colin’s ministry the London City Church has been formed and by the year 2000 we had over 130 churches networking in London as one body.
The LCC network now ministers through a cell church vision.