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Sunday Family Ministry

Ministry to the whole family is very important to us here at Kensington Temple and each Sunday at our 9am, 11am and 2.30pm services we have special ministry to help your child mature in their Christian faith.  Each week we carefully prepare and plan our time with the children (from the under 4’s right up to 14 year olds) to help parents raise their family to be strong in the Lord. (We also have a special Sunday ministry for the 14-16year olds called NuGeneration at the 11am service)

Under 4’s

The under fours are all accommodated in our secure crèche and lounge at Kensington Temple, KT Stewards can guide you to the locations. (Numbers are limited).

Parent and child ‘in service TV room’.

For parents sitting in the main service with small children we recommend that you sit in the left hand transit by the main platform. If your child becomes unsettled ten yards a way through a door is a room behind the platform where the service is broadcast live on a screen. You can remain there with your child and return to the main auditorium later if you desire.

What do you teach?

We teach engaging  lessons from the Bible, we teach children how to pray, and we help develop children’s relationship with the Holy Spirit. We assist with character development that reveals Jesus…Add in some noises, fun, painting, creating and a few rolly-pollies and that’s what we do for 49 Sundays of the year.

There is even more to know, and unwrap, but for now you can tell all the people you know, of the amazing gift of the children’s ministry, that the Lord has provided KT.

Will my child fit in?

Because of the size of the ministry, we have cell groups (small groups) that represent academic school classes. So if your child was in year 4 in primary school, they would be in the year 4 cell (small group) at KT.  Each cell has between 10 to 25 children, with 2 teachers assigned to each cell.

KT Kids ministry (5-9’s &10-14’s) takes place in St. Charles College, London W10 6EY. It’s  only 5 minutes’ drive from KT church or use our KT bus service.

The Children’s ministry has three services every Sunday and runs alongside the main adult services The children’s service is on at: 9am, 11am and 2:30pm

So How do we get children to the venue and is it safe for my children?

During the 9am and 11am service we take children by coach from outside of KT and drive them to St Charles College, all of the children leaders in the ministry are DBS check, which verifies they are safe to work with children.  The school is locked to the public and it is only the children’s ministry that uses the location on Sundays.

What if a child is late?

Even if a child is late, we run a coach shuttle service for up to 30 minutes after the start of the service.  Also parents are welcomed to drive their children straight to St. Charles, where a children leader will be ready to take children from those early parents who drive.

At the 2.30pm service all Children’s Ministry takes place in the KT building.

For details on any of our children’s ministry activities please contact the children’s department office on 020 8799 6178 or kids@kt.org

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