Fully Equipped for the Journey

Colin Dye
Senior Minister

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I spend so much time on the road that I sometimes feel as if I live out of a suitcase. Actually, several suitcases. I make sure I have everything I need from the beginning of my journey until the time I
make my welcome return home.

Over the years, I have carefully added many small, yet invaluable, items to my luggage. Travel iron, mini kettle, first aid kit, multipurpose penknife, my own cutlery set, chargers, and adaptors for every possible
electrical configuration. I have my smart phone, tablet, mobile office, mini desk, compact film and editing suite and, of course, just the right clothes for preaching, for entertaining pastors, as well as for
travelling within the country I’m visiting. I’ve learned to be ready for anything on the road.

The same goes for life and living. I am always learning, always trying to advance my knowledge and skills so that I am fully equipped for the challenges of ministry and service. Right now, I am studying some

psychology, learning a little neuroscience, and I’m keeping abreast with current affairs and the trends in societies around the globe. I never regret the time I invest in preparation. Being ready to make the most of every opportunity that comes my way to share Christ and to engage with others.

At KT we believe in preparing you to be better at what God has called you to do. The Bible Institute, the online learning platform and the many practical training seminars we offer are all designed to equip
you for life and living, and for ministry and service.

Check out what is on offer and sign up right away. Make sure you are always advancing your knowledge, cultivating the right attitudes and developing your skills. When the next challenge comes your way,
you will be glad you took time to prepare yourself.


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