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God has a fun side. Don’t you think that God had fun striping the zebra, stippling the leopard and designing the elephant?
If that doesn’t convince you, look at the people you meet. I know that God has a sense of humour. He created me!

God’s sense of fun is always purposeful. He created the universe, the planets and us. The original creation was good, wonderful and complete. Humanity stepped into a world of macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic beauty. He really did create all things richly for us to enjoy. It all has a serious and generous purpose, telling us
something about his nature and character.

Summertime sees the tourist and leisure industries come out in full force. It’s their season. The same goes for us. Our church summer is full of fun things to do, but all with a serious purpose. The family days, the sporting events, and the food fayres all have a bigger scheme in mind – sometimes fundraising for important work, sometimes fellowship, but always to reach others for

Christ. Evangelism can be fun as it is simply flows out of the normal activities of life: work, studies, family, holidays and recreation. The 20:20 Vision sets some serious goals calling all of us to grow the church spiritually, numerically and in influence.

Take time to have fun. But also, remember our mission. The cell groups should not simply disband for the summer, they
should explode into creative enjoyment and passionate engagement with others. For all of us, kids of the Kingdom, fun is
work and work is fun. After all, we serve a God who has fun, seriously.


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