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A Giant Step Forward

Bringing transformational change within each Giant of Influence.

Following the Understanding the Times webinar on 23 January (watch below) we want to move forward in the 2020 Vision aim: to see every “giant” represented in KTLCC pursuing at least one major transformational change in that area of influence.

The panellists at the Understanding the Times Webinar raised a number of examples of problems we are facing as Christians in the market place.

Marriage & Family
• Young People looking for an avenue to ‘do something’ do not necessarily find an avenue at the church. There is a need to listen and get closer, develop relationships, heal, minister

Politics & Government
• City Hall excluded people from jobs because of views on Islam (overturned after lengthy process)
• Diversity and Inclusion events at City Hall/Civil Service includes expensive LGBT indoctrination
• Lord Pearson challenged on House of Lords code on conduct when querying ethnicity in grooming gangs

Education & Training
• Many locations having to deal with transgender toilets
• Stonewall, LGBT and Trans pressure group is active in schools for over 6 years
• School chose to not get involved over abuse regarding a ham sandwich
• Apology from pupil at school was ‘not good enough’ re ‘worshipping cows’ issue
• Parent used complaints procedure at school re ‘Raising Children without gender stereotypes’
• Religious Education appears to minimise Christianity to controversy over creation and intelligent design with Jesus as a moral teacher versus extensive teaching and teaching materials on Islam

Law & Order
• During adoption process, natural parents not likely to have influence whether new parents are LGBTQI+
• Changing laws to protect ‘divorce’ rights in same sex marriages

Medicine & Health
• Doctors required to wear rainbow lanyards
• The shift towards ‘non-gender-specific’ pronouns already in place
• Mental Health affected by WOKE – high suspicion of everyone that does not fit into an ‘acceptable’ identity group

Business & Finance
• Inclusion in the workplace does not appear to allow for the Christian point of view.
• Learn to work with those that may be transgender without being judgemental

We established some general principles for moving forward from the Understanding the Times Webinar.

• Do not stop at objecting – push for discussion
• We must engage wisely through social media as that’s where points of view are being expressed daily
• Encourage more involvement in the Giants, and unity across churches
• Apologise for the mistakes Christians have made in the past and humbly engage in the issues that confront us
• Remember that Equality Act 2010 legislation protects Religion and Belief among 9 protected areas
• Transform Work UK are supporting Christians in the workplace
• Reject Critical theory but look for positives and find common ground
• Do not ignore people’s pain.
• Make sure you approach the issues empathically and non-aggressively.

We also looked at some questions to stimulate thinking about the next steps:

Business & Finance
• How do we respond as Christians to pressure to comply with ‘diversity’ training?
• Do we resist or can we engage to bring Christian perspective?

Education & Training
• How do we counteract Stonewall / LGB / Trans / gender-identity curriculum and influences?

Marriage & Family
• How can parents respond to the influences coming into the home from school, media, institutions promoting woke-style diversity and inclusion?

Politics & Government
• How can we engage constructively with ‘diversity and inclusion policy and policy-makers?

Action questions
• What are our doorways into these areas?
• What people or organisations are already at work in these areas? How can we connect with them?
• What resources / information is already available to us?
• Who in KT, outside the working group, is already active or ready to be activated?
• What should be the foci of the 3 ‘Giant Saturdays’ (see below)

Engaging with Giant events and activities
Make sure you register your interest and involvement in the Giants Ministry. You can do this by emailing or updating your profile on the KT Members login. You will be included in all communication of information and also alerted to forthcoming Giants events and activities.

Read Colin’s previous posts about the KTLCC Giants ministry: Church without walls and taking the giants

Colin Dye

Colin Dye

Senior Minister of Kensington Temple

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