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Rejoice with those who rejoice

So the apostle Paul tells us in Romans 12, and we do. Especially the week we rejoice with Roberts Liardon as we see how the Lord has been working in the life of his mother, Carol.

Early in December 2020 we received urgent messages from Roberts Liardon. His mother Carol had gone into hospital for a relatively routine heart operation, but there were complications. Her blood was not circulating and there was a fear of organ failure.

As the KTLCC family stood together with the Liardon family in faith and prayer, they began to see the Lord’s healing had move on Carol as gradually her circulation strengthened and her heart and kidneys responded to treatment – Roberts describes the change as miraculous.

There is still a long road to full recovery but Roberts and his family would like to say a very big ‘thank you’ to the KTLCC family for joining with them in prayer. He sent a short clip for us to see for ourselves how Carol is improving.

We are asked to pray into two ongoing needs:
– First, for Carol’s complete recovery, that she will soon be back to full strength
– Second, for financial provision. The complex US health insurance system doesn’t cover the full cost of continuing care, so the family need to bridge the gap of $60,000.

Church without walls

Church without walls

[2 minute read] Cell church is church without walls. People are reached right where they are. Christian witness happens in the market place and not just in the meeting place. Beginning with the obstacle of building-bound church, barriers between us and the lost are broken down and removed. The cells build bridges for the community to see Christ in action.

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Connected through Cells

Connected through Cells

[4 minute read] What is the purpose of the cell vision in Kensington Temple? The answer is surprisingly simple. The cell groups exist to minister to and facilitate the spiritual life and growth of the members.

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Living under the High Favour of God

Living under the High Favour of God

[6 minute read] I cannot imagine anything more life-enriching than knowing that I am blessed and highly favoured by God. All the great Bible characters were not so great in themselves, but the moment the favour of God touched them, they changed nations and fulfilled their destinies.

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