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The ALPHA Experience

The Kingdom of God is not merely physical, or even social, but supernatural. The work of God and the Good News of Jesus Christ continue to advance and spread during the coronavirus restrictions. Over the past six months effective use of Alpha seen the Gospel shared within KT, across the LCC Network and beyond in several countries.

In August and September, a dedicated group of KT cell leaders led an Alpha that was open to anyone in KT to bring their family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues. Since then a number of pastors and cell leaders have hosted Alpha across the KTLCC Network bringing the number of people who have participated to approximately 150.

Alpha is freely available, video-based and easy to use, with simple worksheets containing helpful tips and excellent questions to generate discussions. These discussion groups are a key feature of Alpha, allowing people to ask questions and to speak freely and openly about any aspect of the material covered in the films.

The films are 25-30 minutes long, beautifully filmed on location, well-structured and clearly narrated, covering all of the important fundamental aspects of Christianity and what it means to be a Christian.

Leaders have consistently said that Alpha is the easiest evangelistic initiative they have ever undertaken and have seen people either commit their lives to Christ for the first time, or have made re-dedications. LCC pastors David and Liz Roy from Sudbury Hill Community Church shared this testimony from a member of their group.

“I experienced a very difficult pregnancy and delivery followed by depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and sleepwalking. Life was difficult with housework and motherly duties. When I was invited by an SHCC member to consider the Alpha course, I was initially apprehensive and did some research. When I eventually joined in, I felt the church was so beautiful with nobody judging me or not having to wear something special and the freedom of being who you are. Alpha answered many questions that I had and couldn’t understand before. I didn’t have a connection with God, a relationship, like I’m enjoying now. I feel stronger, loved, alive and blessed by Jesus overall.”

This Easter we are encouraging all cells to participate in Alpha. Not only will you find this an effective way to share the Good News of Jesus with your family, friends, neighbours or colleagues, but you will learn much that will equip you to share your faith more effectively.

Look out on for details, or email for more information

Jonathan Gwilt

Jonathan Gwilt

Finance Director

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