Based on Psalm 91

I dwell in the secret place of God Most High and I rest under His protection. My Heavenly Father watches over me night and day.

God is my shelter and my refuge. He is my help, my hope and my comfort. No evil shall harm me or come near my dwelling. He sends His angels to guard me and keep me safe.

I do not fear for the Almighty is my fortress. The name of Jesus is my strong tower and the rock of my deliverance.

The Lord preserves my going out and my coming in. He saves me from violence and the oppression the enemy.

My strong shield, my protector is the Lord God Most High. He is my defence against the scourge of tongues and my Saviour from destruction.

The Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for His heavenly kingdom.

We are praying for you as you are praying for us, that the Lord will keep us safe and fully functioning for his glory. Corona Virus can and will be beaten. God will help us get through this. I will be ministering to you all through social media, email and live streaming. I am going to focus on “Faith in Times of Testing”. Right now, I am preparing to speak on “Faith in Times of FINANCIAL Testing.” I will let you know when this YouTube video will be available. In the meantime, please read the information below from Jonathan Gwilt, our Finance Director. I asked him to explain how we can continue to give to the work of the Lord when we are unable to gather together in public worship.
God bless
Pastor Colin

As we all navigate the current unprecedented public crisis, you will, no doubt, have many important things to attend to. Among these, I am sure, will be the well-being of Kensington Temple and our ability to continue to function and minister during this time where we are not able to meet together in the normal ways that we have freely enjoyed for so many years. I am asking you, therefore, to stand with us by continuing to uphold your financial support, as you are able, at this important time.

Standing Order
The best way of doing this is by way of standing order. Thank you to all those of you who are already doing this! To those of you who give in other ways, thank you also and would you please consider setting up a standing order as soon as possible?
Download and print off a standing order mandate form

Paper forms are also available at the KT reception. Once you have completed and signed this form you will need to post it to your bank. It would be very helpful to the Finance department if you are able to let them know by sending them a scan or photo image of the form to our secure mailbox at

Alternatively, for those of you with on-line banking, you can set up a standing order electronically directly with your bank. All you will need are the following details of KT’s bank account:

Sort-code: 30-91-87
Account No: 02106776

Full bank details shown below:
Wire Transfer
Name: ECKT London City Church
Bank: Lloyds TSB PLC, High Street Cheltenham
Bank Sort Code: 30-91-87
Bank Account: 02106776
IBAN: GB93 LOYD 3091 8702 1067 76

These details can also be found on the KT website by clicking HERE and selecting the “Wire Transfer” option.

On-line Giving
Since standing orders take some time to take effect and since so many of you give over and above your regular giving each week as the Lord leads you, I would ask you to also make use of on-line giving. As well as reaching KT almost immediately it is flexible both in timing and amount so that you can make use of it regularly for variable amounts.

There are two ways of giving on-line:
either, via the KT website.
• or, by using your bank’s internet or mobile banking facilities (using the bank details given above).

Combining the two
In fact, the best thing to do is to combine both methods, as I know many of you already do:
• Set up a standing order for your regular, planned giving; and
• Use either the KT website or your own bank’s internet or mobile banking facilities to give over and above this amount, as the Lord leads you.

If you have any questions concerning this or experience any difficulties in using any of these facilities, then please do not hesitate to either email any member of the Finance team at or ring them through the KT Reception, which will remain open throughout, on 020 7908 1700.

Thank you for standing with me and with Kensington Temple at this vital time and may God continue to keep you and richly bless you.

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T 020 7908 1700

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