The Striking of a Spiritual Match

Jan 1, 2018

Could it be that a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit is on its way from heaven to earth? Many prophetic voices from all across the world are telling us to prepare our hearts for a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in the coming days.

The prophetic background
There has been an increasing prophetic consciousness that God is bringing us into new season of the moving of the Holy Spirit. Many prophetic voices have been calling the body of Christ in Great Britain to prepare for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Heidi Baker
Here is an extract from the Revival missionary Heidi Baker prophesying about a new move of God coming to our nation  during a Catch the Fire conference:

I just feel like this revival that God has promised in this nation – it’s another wave of revival He’s promised; I feel like it’s going to come as we go. It’s going to come as we go. It’s going to come as we go, says the Lord.

This move of God is different than you’ve ever seen before, says the Lord. It’s different than you’ve ever seen before, says the Lord, because no one’s going to point to one mighty evangelist. No-one’s going to point to one mighty preacher, no-one’s going to point to one mighty event, but there’s going to be this, this immersion, this immersion of the Father’s love, this immersion of Holy Spirit, this immersion, this infilling of God within the hearts of individuals, and with the hearts of bodies, the body of Christ.

It’s each one of us just taking a hold of the love of God, taking a hold of the heart of God, taking a hold of the mercy of God, fixing our eyes on Jesus the author and the finisher, and as we go, one by one by one by one there’s going to be a lighting up in the hearts of men and women in this city, in this nation. “He says, “I will give you souls, I will give you souls, I will give you souls, souls, souls, souls”. There’s going to be another Great Awakening coming…

Paul Cain
Paul Cain has been in prophetic ministry for over 60 years and has had a life marked by the supernatural, he is a good friend of Kensington Temple.
Thirty years ago Paul was talking to his well-known American pastor friend Mike Bickle, Mike asked Paul, “So Paul, how long do you think you will live?” (What Mike Bickle didn’t know was that the Lord had long ago prepared Paul to answer his question when it was asked). Paul replied, “‘I don’t know the answer to that Mike. I do know that I will be living in 2017. I’ve had a revelatory dream over and over that I am in a conference with Elim church (England) in 2017 and it is a major outpouring.”

This year, without them being aware of this conversation, Pastors Ken and Lois Gott from Sunderland who lead an Elim church (Kensington Temple is also an Elim Pentecostal church) invited Paul to their conference on 17-19 November 2017. Just before the conference began Paul said, “If ever a nation was on tip toes, on the verge of falling into the overwhelming depths of a nation-transforming, church-awakening Revival, England is such a one.”

Colin Dye
Unaware of the existence of the Sunderland conference Colin himself had begun to sense in 2017 that a new move of God was coming of which KT would be a part. He began sharing this with his leaders during the summer and in his sermon on Travailing Prayer (October 29th). He began by saying, “I believe that God is preparing a new move of his Spirit. Different
prophetic people are saying the same thing. We can’t make it happen but there are certain things we can do to cooperate and flow with this…” Just over a week before the Sunderland Conference began Colin found about it and felt led to attend.


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