We all have moments of crisis or illness that can slow us down in life and pull us down. In Kensington Temple we value highly the concept of the church as a body working together to support each other. The majority of our members are cared for through our cell structure, receiving hospital visits, prayer support and encouragement. A word in season from a friend can make all the difference in a hard time and the cell group is the perfect setting for such support.

A member of the pastoral team is also available most weekdays during office hours to provide advice and prayer support. Please call and ask for the duty pastor. For longer term pastoral support from the team.

0207 908 1700

Baby dedication / Baptism / Wedding / Funerals


Call 020 8799 6154 / 6155

The miracle of life that God gives continues to bring joy to many of our members. Support is available for all pregnant ladies through our womb ministry which meets monthly and offers continuous prayer support. Partners are welcome to join them at these times.

Following the birth of a child many parents wish to present them to the wider body of Christ to dedicate them to God. As we dedicate them in the way they should go when they are old they will not depart from it. Dedication is more than a ceremony it is also a way of life in raising a child in a godly fashion.

If you are a member of Kensington Temple and would like to dedicate your child to God within a service then please follow the following steps:

Steps to holding a baby dedication

  1. Parents should complete a dedication form available from KT reception or online here.
  2. They will then be contacted to arrange an informal interview with a member of the pastoral team to bring understanding of the process of dedication and to ensure that parents are within our criteria for public dedication.
  3. Following successful interview a date for the dedication will be arranged and confirmed in writing.

As well as the public dedications in the main services we can also provide private dedications in exceptional circumstances. The process remains as above.


Call 020 8799 6154 / 6155

Baptisms usually occur on the last Sunday of each month. The exact dates are published in the Revival Times magazine and on our Baptism page.

To get baptised at Kensington Temple

1. Complete a baptism form (available here or from KT reception) 

Please note we do not ordinarily baptise people that are not part of the Kensington Temple London City Church network. We encourage people to be baptised in their own local church .


Call 020 8799 6154 / 6155

Marriage is a gift from God and your wedding day should be a day of celebration with friends and family as you enter into a convenant with each other before God.

At Kensington Temple we are licenced to register marriages to all our members. All members marrying in Kensington Temple are required to undergo pre-marriage counselling with a member of the pastoral team. Charges vary depending on requirements and the use of the sanctuary is free to cell members of the church.

We also offer pre-marriage counselling to any of our members who will be marrying outside of Kensington Temple. To arrange this please complete the wedding application form and mark it for counselling only.

To Book a Wedding

  1. Complete a wedding application form (no wedding booking is made without this form).
  2. You will then be contacted to arrange dates for pre-marriage counselling and agree a date for the wedding. Please note that Kensington Temple building is extensively used on a Saturday and so we are unable to guarantee first choice of dates. You should wait until you have received written confirmation of your date and time before booking a reception venue.


Call 020 8799 6154 / 6155

At times of loss we come to appreciate the value of other members of our friends and family. At Kensington Temple our pastoral team is here to offer you support following bereavement. We provide a full pastoral service and can help guide you to creating a personal service by which to remember your loved one, as well as supplying the minister, musicians and other support as needed for the service itself.

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