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  • Sunday 29th November
  • 9am & 11am With God There is Always More than Enough with Gordon Neale

    Gordon continues his series on the miracles of Jesus (part four of seven).

    The fourth sign in John gospel is the feeding of the 5000. This miracle is of such significance that God the Holy Spirit has recorded it in all four Gospels. In this time of national and international crisis, and also personal challenge, this miracle contains the words, " for he already had in mind what he was going to do". Jesus’ Lordship gives us strength to face all challenges.

    His key Bible verses are John 6:1-15.

  • 2.30pm I Will Bless the Lord at All Times with Scott Templeton

    Final message in the series: Thankful Hearts.

    Are you so filled with God’s joy that it impacts and influences everyone around you? Do you need to see God intervene in power in your circumstances and bring complete deliverance? Learn from David’s heart and attitude whilst enduring times of testing.

    His key Bible verses are Psalm 34:1-8.

  • 5.30pm Singing in Babylon with Jeff Lucas

    Finding purpose in life’s second choices.

    Jeff Lucas holds a pastoral teaching position at Timberline Church in Fort Collins, Colorado, a church that has mushroomed in growth in what is a relatively small city. He is a bestselling author of 26 books, and broadcasts on weekly on Premier Radio and UCB Radio.

    Jeff is a monthly contributor for the magazine, Premier Christianity, the men's magazine, Sorted, and writes daily Bible reading notes with CWR, "Lucas on Life Every Day". Jeff and his wife, Kay, live in Colorado and England; they have two adult children and two grandsons.

    His key Bible verses are Daniel 1:1-6..

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People with a Passion

In this landmark book, Colin Dye provides a non-technical and accessible approach to cell church according to the Model of 12. It is an ideal handbook for both leaders and members.

My Encounter with Jesus

The moment you put your trust in Christ and are born again, you begin the greatest journey of your life. Christ who saves you by his grace leads you step by step into the fullness of the Father's kingdom.

Effective Prayer

Most Christians have learnt to pray by listening to other people, and often, their understanding of prayer isn’t based on the Bible.

  • Monday 30th November
  • 10am Effective Prayer (11) What is Intercession? Colin Dye
  • 10.30am Effective Prayer (12) Intercession and the Bible with Colin Dye
  • Tuesday 1st December
  • 10am Effective Prayer (13) Thanksgiving and Praise with Colin Dye
  • 10.30am Effective Prayer (14) Give Thanks with Colin Dye
  • 7pm Life after Covid-19 webinar with Patrick Dixon
  • Wednesday 2nd December
  • 10am Effective Prayer (15) Prayer Life of Paul with Colin Dye
  • 10.30am Effective Prayer (16) Nine Prayers of Paul with Colin Dye
  • 7pm Prayer Meeting
  • Thursday 3rd December
  • 10am Effective Prayer ( 17) Spiritual Warfare part 1 with Colin Dye
  • 10.30am Effective Prayer (18) Spiritual Warfare part 2 with Colin Dye
  • Friday 4th December
  • 10am Effective Prayer (19) Fasting with Colin Dye
  • 10.30am Effective Prayer (20) How Jesus Fasted with Colin Dye

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Catch up on Services you missed.

  • Sunday 29th November
  • 9am With God There is Always More than Enough with Gordon Neale
  • Friday 27th November
  • 10am Rule of God 19 & 20 with Colin Dye
  • Thursday 26th November
  • 10am Effective Prayer 17 & 18 with Colin Dye
  • Wednesday 25th November
  • 7pm Thanksgiving Prayer Meeting
  • 10am Effective Prayer 15 & 16 with Colin Dye
  • Tuesday 24th November
  • 10am Effective Prayer 13 & 14 with Colin Dye
  • Monday 23rd November
  • 10am Effective Prayer 11 & 12 with Colin Dye
  • Sunday 22nd November
  • 5.30pm Overcoming the Spirit of Fear with Praise Olatona
  • 2.30pm Thank You God with Claudeth Hitchman
  • 11am Hopeless and Helpless Until Jesus Arrives with Gordon Neale
  • 9am Hopeless and Helpless Until Jesus Arrives with Gordon Neale
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  • Be Welcome
  • Break Every Chain Fight My Battles
  • Build My Life
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  • E-H

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  • Goodness of God
  • Great Are You Lord
  • God I Look to You
  • Goodness of God
  • Great Are You Lord
  • I-L

  • In Christ Alone
  • In Jesus Name
  • King of Glory
  • Life
  • M-P

  • Praise Goes On
  • Psalm 23
  • Q-T

  • Rejoice
  • Risen
  • The Great I Am
  • This is Amazing Grace
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  • Victor's Crown

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