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It’s a bold vision: ‘London and the World for Christ’

It’s a great vision: It’s worth giving your life for.

We are connected to the world in so many exciting ways and will continue to develop these opportunities further into the future.

What is the heart that drives us to reach to the world?

Five heartbeats…

THE LOST:  We are a people who know that this world needs Jesus.  We respect everyone and believe all humans carry something of the image of God, everyone is to be valued.  All peoples are equal and precious, not one race is better than any other.   But there is a problem, without the love of God and the presence of Jesus in in their lives, people are lost.  They are lost in the sense that they do not become the best that they can become, they are lost in the sense they have lost connection with God.  They are lost because they often make wrong and hurtful choices.  We want to take the love and forgiveness of Jesus to everyone because we believe everyone needs it.

THE LEAST: There is no question that we live in an unbalanced world.  Some can readily access all the resources they need whilst others are left scraping along for the very basics of life.  Our sense of justice seeks to make a difference to people who hurt and are in need.  We will be a storehouse of resources to help the people with the least ability and resources to care for themselves and others.  This counts on physical levels but also in the spiritual and emotional dimensions of life.

The LAST:  The vulnerable and the ignored – those whom to reach them it is difficult and takes a sacrifice: it is to these we will go and send.  To the ones who could be missed and have no one to advocate for them, we will seek them out to bring the love of God to their lives.  From the weakness of children, the forgotten peoples of oppression, and to the persecuted, we are constrained by the love of God to go.

TO STRENGTHEN:  There is a pattern in the New Testament of the churches being strengthened by resourcing ministries.  We love the church and part of our mission’s outreach and connection to the world is to commit to helping other churches that might benefit from our ministry.

TO PIONEER:  The world is not reached.  There is new ground yet to be broken.  Whilst we will always seek to help that which is already established, we will regularly look to the field of the world and see where we can break new ground for Jesus and this gospel we live for.

Kensington Temple/London City Church is part of The Elim missions movement

ELIM MISSIONS:  We currently have 63 missionaries serving in 28 countries. Of our current missionaries, 52 are serving overseas and 11 are UK based who regularly visit and work with our Global Partners. Through our Global Partners, of which there are 91 Church movements, it takes the total number of countries we are working in to over 50 nations of the world.

KT/LCC – MISSIONS – “…and the world for Christ”


Marcelo and Fabiana Albuquerque have served Jesus with Kensington Temple since 2003. They have planted the Novo Tempo Church – a Portuguese-language church in London – and six churches with a strong emphasis on transforming the whole communities in some of the poorest areas of Brazil. Marcelo is the apostolic overseer of international churches in our network.

Jean-Hugues Jequier leads the IFIM Bible School in Marseille. Their language school provides French courses to many refugees as well as teaching German, Arabic and English. Jean-Hugues helps train new believers and leaders in many French-speaking and Muslim-majority African countries.

Colin and Amanda Dye:  Our adjunct serving missionaries.

After 30 years of faithful service to the central church of Kensington Temple and in Elim nationally, Colin has long since felt the call to minister in the more difficult areas of our world.  Some of this work is in areas in which it is not safe to gather and so some of his work is kept within our circle of trust in our church.  Through the teaching courses of the Sword of the Spirit series Colin will lead people to Christ and strengthen the church in the most difficult of settings.  We ask for your prayers and intercession for protection and for open doors for this work.

Claudio Ferro and Simona Celli lead a church in Lubriano, Italy. Claudio found Christ in KT and was ordained as an Elim minister in 2003. Their church plant is in a region where there is hardly any evangelical presence. They reach out to prisons and refugees and help us run short-term missions.

Vasilică and Mihaela Croitor are our long-term partners in Romania. They pastor a church in Constanta, Romania, where we support them in their regional church-planting vision through training, short-term missions and practical help in community.

Kensington Temple supports many initiatives that help those who have converted from Islam to Christianity in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Many churches in our network also conduct their own missions in Africa, including our Pierre Vivantes Church, which works to support local churches and leaders in the French-speaking Africa.

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