Wherever sin flows, grace overflows!

Colin Dye
Senior Minister

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Grace is the unmerited favour God has poured into our lives through Christ. This extravagant provision is first  and foremost for the removal of our sin so that we can reconnect with God and enter into a deep relationship with him and with others. It is also enables us to live a life that honours him above all things. To live and to love well.

Without grace, we would all be lost, far from God and with no solid hope. But grace came and we are saved. As we come to trust in God, we learn to depend on his grace, moment by moment in every situation and circumstance of life. We discover God’s grace is sufficient in all things.

There is also grace for every season we go through and it is especially needed in times of change. We are going through such a season in KTLCC as God positions us for the days that lie ahead. The nation as a whole is facing the challenges of change, not just from Brexit, but also from other global influences.

London seems to be in a constant state of flux as it responds to pressure from those who want to shape the city in their image.

Our greatest prayer right now must be for more grace. He promises to give it to us if we remain humble before him. The prophetic word I reflect on later in this issue of Revival Times is, “God has still more grace for London.” But in order to receive it, we must come before him in renewed repentance and fresh faith.

As the people of God, we are called to be carriers of the grace of God. Let us be the agents of change for good in our city, salt and light where it is needed the most. Above all, we must show and tell every Londoner that there is good news, and  that good news is a person: Jesus Christ!


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