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Taking the Giants

Jesus told his church to be salt and light in the world. That is, to penetrate society with the healthy influence of our salt-like presence, and to illuminate society’s thinking with the light of gospel values. We cannot withdraw from the world as if we were not living in it, and neither can we allow the world to remain in us, neutralising our saltiness and dimming our capacity to shine. The cell vision is not just about growing our numbers, but making disciples who influence the world.

The cell groups are part of the ‘go and show’ thrust of the church. Traditional church has a ‘come and hear’ emphasis and largely holds its activities within the sanctity of its buildings. Cells have the capacity to penetrate every part of society and to exercise influence for Christ in the heart of the agora, or market place of today. That is where the church is needed most. Christianity is a lifestyle and we are called to be good news right where we are – in our homes, our places of work, our centres of education and in every other part of society. I often quote the dictum to our members who spend most of their life in the market place of our society: Your occupation is the location for your true vocation.

Cell groups are designed to reach people where they are. We equip our members to ‘take the giants’ for God. The giants of our society are the great institutions and professions which exercise the most influence over our lives. We hold regular giants forums in which cell members from each of the major professional or occupational groupings can get together to encourage one another and to find ways of influencing their environment. That way we are facilitating cells in every major profession and section in society.

As believers become active witnesses to the kingdom of God in these areas, people are won to Christ, discipled, and begin to exercise a godly influence over these giants. It is not just about having Christians working in these sectors, but disciples influencing their environment for Christ. We are aiming for the total transformation of our society. That is exactly what the body of Christ is called to do.

1. Business & Finance
2. Ecology & Environment
3. Education & Training
4. Law & Order
5. Marriage & Family
6. Media & Arts
7. Medicine & Health
8. Politics & Government (including social policy & action)
9. Religion & Belief
10. Science & Technology
11. Sport & Leisure
12. Thought & Philosophy (the giant of the intellect)

In 2020, we added the Giant of Racism. Racism affects every area of society, so we encourage everyone to tackle this issue wherever they are, and in whatever Giant of Influence they are involved in.

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Colin Dye

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