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Living Free! The life-transformation course

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed” (John 8:36). Discover the first steps of your discipleship in the Christian faith as you embark on this life-transformational course.

Jesus has a perfect plan for your life
A life free of sin. You have been assured of an outstanding salvation in Christ. You have been saved by his amazing grace, and made holy by this grace. This is God’s unmerited favour operating through your life.

Jesus has set you free from the power of sin
He has given you access to the power of the Holy Spirit to function in your life. You have received this as a free gift, and, as his righteousness begins to work in and through your heart and mind it will produce the nature, heart, and fruit of his character.

As you prepare yourself for Living Free, you will embark on an outstanding journey of growth and progress as you take your first, intentional steps of Christian discipleship. You will not be alone on this journey as other brothers and sisters in Christ will partner with you and support you all the way.

You will learn how to enjoy life-long freedom and permanent victory through Christ. Every time you encounter the Risen King – you will experience deeper, more profound levels of deliverance, wholeness, and freedom.

The gospel remains the power of God, and possesses complete ability to deliver you from sin and bring total transformation to every aspect of your life.

You are a new creation in Christ
Celebrate that you are no longer who you once were. You will learn how to put off the old and put on the new. The power of the Holy Spirit will equip and strengthen you; he will lead and guide you as you embark on fresh patterns of thinking, and living a life worthy of the Gospel.

Authentic change usually takes time, so it is important to not burden yourself with unrealistic expectations of instant change. God works from the inside out in our lives. Lasting progress is best shaped over time and by being thorough and diligent in implementing the steps needed for that progress.

Your identity, purpose, value is found at the Cross of Calvary. It is not found in your job title, your salary income, or your status in society. That is superficial. You are a child of God! Celebrate and rejoice in that truth.

You will also uncover your calling in him and the ministry he has prepared for you. Your future in Christ is bright, blossoming and vibrant.

You will learn how to commune daily with the Lord Jesus Christ through the reading of the Scriptures, and waiting on God as he speaks to you through his Word, your prayers, and your intercession.
God’s power operating in your life will bring change. As you apply the truths attached to the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6) you will start to see significant shifts in your circumstances.

This means that healing, wholeness, lasting change, and irreversible victory is your God appointed portion – receive it!

As you recognise the lordship of Jesus Christ in your life, it will produce a total surrender in your heart. You will cultivate the skills and steps necessary to commit your entire life under his rule and reign. Everything about your life – your possessions, your finances, your talents, your abilities, and your time are no longer your own. You will find yourself using all that God has provided for you to bring him honour and glory.

This is how the Kingdom of God operates. Total commitment to Christ is no something to avoid or ignore, but something to embrace and endorse. Everything you do for Christ will always produce a great reward.

What to Expect:
• Tailored teaching each Tuesday that will help strengthen your faith in Christ
• Building lasting friendships as you journey through this engaging and practical course
• Confidence in Christ and his word that will build immensely as you grow in your walk with him
• Greater levels of freedom, joy, breakthroughs, and victory

By the end of this course you will be a joyful, walking testimony of God’s goodness, grace, and love.

Living Free! Begins on Tuesday 25 May, 7pm in Kensington Temple. Register via the KT X:Change portal; alternatively registration forms are available from KT Reception or by emailing

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