TACKLING THE GIANTS – Influencing your world

 Jesus told his church to be salt and light in the world. That is, to penetrate society with the healthy influence of our salt-like presence, and to illuminate society’s thinking with the light of gospel values. We cannot withdraw from the world as if we were not living in it, and neither can we allow the world to remain in us, neutralising our saltiness and diminishing our capacity to shine. The cell vision is not just about growing our numbers, but making disciples who influence the world.

The cell groups are part of the ‘go and show’ thrust of the church. Traditional church has a ‘come and hear’ emphasis and largely holds its activities within the sanctity of its buildings. Cells have the capacity to penetrate every part of society and to exercise influence for Christ in the heart of the agora, or market place of today. That is where the church is needed most. Christianity is a lifestyle and we are called to be good news right where we are – in our homes, our places of work, our centres of education and in every other part of society. I often quote the dictum to our members who spend most of their life in the market place of our society: Your occupation is the location for your true vocation.


Society is made up of many institutions and distinct areas of influence. Any plan to influence our nation must take these into account. We have identified 12 major ‘giants of influence’ at work in our culture. Members of KTLCC who are involved in, or have an interest in, these areas can link up with one of the Giant’s Forums to formulate and coordinate strategies of Christian influence.

Penetrating society – tackling the giants

Business and Finance
Thought and Philosophy
Education and Training
Media and Arts
Politics and Government
Law and Order
Medicine and health
Religion and Belief
Ecology and Environment
Science and Technology
Sport and Leisure
Marriage and Family

We have already seen some activity most of the areas, more are in the pipeline for this year.

I encourage every member of Kensington Temple to seize the opportunities that God is giving us every day here in London. Our training programme, both through the full-time IBIOL courses and the regular weekly training seminars on Tuesday evenings, will equip you for your ministry both in the church and in the market place. Your place of work is not just a means of earning your living; it is a calling to be and to bring good news to those around you. You have been strategically positioned to serve Christ and make a mark for him.

Begin by being an active cell member. You will only fulfil your calling to make, mature and mobilise disciples for Christ if you yourself are part of a group dedicated to that task. Through the cells you can penetrate London with pinpoints of light bringing hope, salvation and sanity through the pure teaching of Christ. Our city needs it, our nation is desperate for it and the world is waiting for it.

To become connected to a ‘Giants forum’ email giants@kt.org and tell us where your interest lies.


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