Ernie Del Rosairio reports

 In April Senior Minister Colin Dye made his first visit to The Philippines. And what an action-packed week it was! Preaching in churches, ministering to leaders, building relationships and even finding time to meet up with former IBIOL students now pastoring local congregations.

Easter Sunday: Victory Churches of Asia

The congregation from Victory Churches of Asia, meeting in Robinson’s Novaliches was standing room only, as together with Colin they celebrated the resurrection of Christ

Colin Dye and Ernie Del Rosario after Easter Service with Victory Churches of Asia’s Pastor Rich Conte and wife Ning and daughter.



“…you are Peter (rock), and upon this rock I will build my church…” (Matthew 16:18)

Pastor Alvin Carag hosted a CAMANAVA gathering, in which Colin encouraged the Ministerial Fellowship of Pastors and workers labouring in the depressed areas of the areas of Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas and Valenzuela in Greater Manila.


“Jesus didn’t say you build your church, nor did he say Jesus will build your church, nor should we think that we will build his church. It is only Jesus who will build his Church, a Church not made by human hands”.
Colin Dye

Living Epistle Christian Family Church

Colin speaking on ‘Building For The Kingdom’ at the Living Epistle Church in Malabon City, Philippines on Sunday 28 April 2019

“The world is in darkness crying out for God, and just as how Israel was under the cruel bondage and rulership of Rome and long’s for a deliverer. The Jews did not comprehend, nor do many up to now, that Jesus came not to bring political redemption and deliverance but to overthrow the powers of darkness to the very core.

We are instructed (in the Lord’s Prayer) to pray the Kingdom to come, as we do, we will learn and grow in seeing and serving and reigning in the invisible Kingdom until the Kingdom become fully manifest when Jesus returns. We are in training for reigning until Jesus comes.”
Colin Dye

After the preaching, a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit came down upon the meeting.

Bishop James Isaguirre, Ptr Glenn Isaguirre
Ptr Colin Dye with Ernie Del Rosario, Bishop James Isaguirre, Pastor Glenn Isaguirre and wife Nadette

Lunch with Bp Dan Balais
Ptr Colin met Bishop Dan Balais, leader of Intercessors for the Philippines. Their vision is to raise up passionate, prophetic and patriotic intercessors in partnership with the local churches by equipping and mobilizing them to fulfil God’s prophetic agenda for the nation. They are networking with over 5,000 churches across the nation

Colin Dye with Pastors Alvin Carag, Ernie Del Rosario, and Bishop Dan Balais

Pastor Colin with former IBIOL graduate, Lloyd RT


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